We're looking for campus reps.
This 10 minute application tells you a little more about our company, the position, and allows you to tell us why you would be a good fit to be a rep on your campus.
Textbook Valet hires you and other students all over the country to personally buy back books on campus at the end of each semester. We collect those books and pay you a commission on each sale.

What is the job of a campus rep? Because this is a sales position, you must be comfortable reaching out to others and conducting sales! The Textbook Valet app will list the price, and the student then decides what he/she wants to sell. You pay the seller in cash that we provide, finalize the sale on your app, take the books, and you’re done! Your Campus Manager will collect the books you've bought, and we pay you your commission (and any potential bonuses you earn) on the total amount you buyback. It's that simple!

Why be a Textbook Valet campus rep? Textbook Valet campus sales reps earn up to $800 during finals week buying back books from students on campus. Students use our service for the convenience and better prices that Textbook Valet offers. It is a flexible job built for a college student's schedule!
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